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Part 1: The LA morning sun cuts through some cheap curtains, illuminating a grungy warehouse filled with b-movie posters, hungover people in makeshift beds, and cans of spray paint littering the floor. A late-90s cellphone rings and Lucky Fate picks it up, still groggy from whatever he did the night before. The caller places an order for some 'stuff', and Lucky confirms that he'll be there in an hour. He puts his CD player in his pocket, throws his headphones on, and rolls out of the warehouse on his trusty skateboard.

While shredding his way to Tarzana, Lucky is stopped by Officer Garcia (Liv Revamped), who is looking for Lucky's friend Paul (Nathan Bronson). She wants to remind Paul that she'll be there the next morning to take him to the county jail. Lucky's not one to snitch- especially to a cop- so Officer Garcia begrudgingly lets him be on his way. She warns him, however, that if he doesn't clean up his act he'll end up just like Paul: arrested. Lucky shrugs and keeps rolling.

When Lucky arrives at his destination, he is greeted by Morgan Davis (Maya Woulfe), his old high school friend. They haven't seen each other in a few years since Morgan has been studying in Austin, but it's clear there's a spark between them. After finishing up their 'business', they catch up a bit and Lucky ends up inviting her to a New Year's party back at the warehouse tonight. Morgan says she'll try to make it.

On his way back home, Lucky stops by his parent's place and lets himself inside. He starts looking through old boxes of his old things when his parent (Tommy Pistol) confronts him. They have a tense argument where they bring up some sore spots from their troubled past. Lucky leaves feeling dejected, and Tommy goes back to his bedroom where his girlfriend Vicki Chase is waiting for him. She asks him what's wrong, but Tommy doesn't want to talk about it. He'd much rather get back in bed and pick up where they left off. Vicki is happy to oblige...

Part 2: Lucky Fate, a skater just trying to find his way in late 90s LA, rolls up to his favorite skatepark. There are good vibes all around, with people shredding the pavement and grinding those rails like there's no tomorrow. It's clear that whatever else may be going on in Lucky's 'unlucky' life, he feels right at home here.

Sometime later, Lucky hangs out with his friend Kim (Charlotte Sins), who asks him what he'll do once Paul goes to jail tomorrow. Lucky says he'll probably take over Paul's business, but Kim warns him that that might get Lucky arrested too. After all, police are keeping tabs on the warehouse day and night. Robby Echo, one of Lucky's other friends, notices a drawing of Morgan Davis (Maya Woulfe) in Lucky's sketchbook. When it becomes clear that Lucky has a crush on her, Robby, Kim, and a few other friends (Lilly Bell, Vanna Bardot, and Nathan Bronson) all start cheering for Lucky to give Morgan a call.

An hour later, Lucky, Kim, and Robby pick Morgan up. They take off down the road, heading to Robby's friend's house. When they arrive at the location, they are wowed by a glamorous backyard, including a heated pool. They frolic together in the water, having the time of their lives.

At one point, Lucky and Morgan go inside to dry off, leaving Kim and Robby alone by the pool. It seems like things are only getting started between these two, however, as Kim pulls Robby's underwear off to reveal his hard cock. They run off to a secluded corner of the backyard oasis and have playful, energetic sex which includes some deep, poolside anal. Far out, man!

Part 3: Lucky Fate is chilling with Paul (Nathan Bronson) at their warehouse apartment while Lilly Bell and Vanna Bardot play video games on the couch. Paul's throwing a New Year's Eve party tonight- the night before he gets picked up to go to jail. Lucky's trying to convince Paul to let him take over the 'business' while he's gone, but Paul disapproves.

Paul thinks that Lucky has so much potential as an artist- why would he waste his life in this dirty warehouse, running away from cops and scrambling for dollars and dimes! Paul desperately wants Lucky to see reason and get out of this sketchy lifestyle, but Lucky is persistent. When Vanna and Lily hint that Lucky should leave so that they can give Paul a 'going away present', Paul reluctantly agrees to give Lucky one of his contacts- a guy called Casper. Lucky leaves the warehouse and pulls out Casper's number, intent on giving him a call.

Back at the warehouse, Paul feels a tinge of guilt for allowing Lucky to remain in this down-and-out lifestyle. At the same time, he's got two beautiful skater girls who are ready and willing to blow his mind (and his cock). Vanna and Lily pull him onto the bed and start undressing him, kissing him, and feeling up his muscled body. Paul's going away for a long time, but luckily for him, a sexy threesome might provide triple the memories for him to savor in the slammer.

Sometime later, Lucky waits for Casper in a dark alley when his parent, Tommy Pistol, appears. It is revealed that Tommy is actually Casper, one of Paul's suppliers. Tommy tries to convince Lucky to smarten up, but Lucky won't have. They get into a heated argument, culminating in Tommy breaking Lucky's skateboard. Tommy gets out of there in a huff, leaving Lucky crying on the alleyway floor.

Part 4: Despite his skateboard being broken in half, Lucky Fate arrives safely at the warehouse party being thrown by Paul (Nathan Bronson). Morgan (Maya Woulfe) meets him just outside, excited to spend more time with him. When they enter, they're glad to see that their friends (Robby Echo, Charlotte Sins, Lilly Bell, Vanna Bardot) are all waiting for them. The music blares, the strobe lights gleam, and everyone's having a gnarly good time.

When the hour of midnight hits, the crowd goes wild. Lucky and Morgan stand in the middle of the dancefloor and exchange a kiss. They stare into each other's eyes, lost in the glow of their blossoming romance. They make their way out of the warehouse and onto the roof, laying out a blanket under the stars. The sexual tension between them, building over the last 24 hours, finally comes to a head as they start making love against the backdrop of the LA skyline.

The next morning, Lucky says goodbye to Morgan before she heads back to Texas. She wants him to come with her, but Lucky says he can't. Despite everyone telling him to change his life and seize the opportunity, he's just unable to make the leap. Morgan watches sadly as Lucky walks back to the warehouse, dejected. A little later, Officer Garcia (Liv Revamped) and her partner (Tyrone Love) come by to pick Paul up to bring him to county jail. Lucky sees him off, but before Paul leaves, he gets an idea.

A few moments later, Morgan is stopped by Officer Garcia's cop car. Turns out she's not in trouble though, as Lucky jumps out of the patrol car and into the passenger seat. Officer Garcia wishes them well and watches as Morgan and Lucky drive off down the road to start their new adventure together.

Seems like Lucky's luck may have changed after all.

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Performers: Charlotte Sins, Lilly Bell, Maya Woulfe, Vanna Bardot, Vicki Chase

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