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Curvaceous 3

Curvaceous 3

Gorgeous brunette Antonia Sainz and cute blonde Marilyn Sugar embrace each other with love and desire, as Andrej Lupin’s erotic movie "Impression" begins. They peel off each other’s sexy lingerie as they kiss passionately, Marilyn’s hands naturally gravitating to her girlfriend’s big beautiful breasts. They jiggle hypnotically as she strokes Antonia’s pussy, making her gasp and moan with arousal. Marilyn kneels between Antonia’s spread thighs to eat her wet pussy, sliding a couple of fingers into her tight slot to drive her to a powerful orgasm. Antonia is eager for a taste of her lover now, licking Marilyn’s shaved pussy voraciously, strumming her clit and thrusting her fingers inside to intensify the sensations, until she is overwhelmed by a climax that leaves her trembling with bliss.

Passionate, playful and tender, stunning Stacy Cruz and Emylia Argan roll on the bed together, as Andrej Lupin’s erotic movie "Turn Off" begins. The two naked beauties pillow fight, shown in glorious slow motion that captures every jiggle and bounce of their big breasts. Emylia squeezes her sweetheart’s boobs adoringly as they kiss and tussle, then goes down to eat her hot pussy, her skilful tongue and fingers making Stacy gasp with pleasure. Stacy bends double to give her voracious lover better access to her juicy slot, before they move into scissors to grind their wet pussies together. In doggy, Stacy fingerbangs Emylia to an intense orgasm. It’s an intimate and evocative portrait of sensual love.

Gorgeous Lee Anne is trying to work, as Andrej Lupin’s erotic movie "Break" begins – but she’s distracted by the sight of sexy Florane Russell sunbathing topless by the pool. Calling her indoors for a drink, she smooths lotion over the hot blonde’s big breasts, making them glisten. Before long they are kissing and caressing each other eagerly, Lee Anne’s hand sliding into her girlfriend’s tiny shorts to stroke her, while she sucks her nipples. Stripping Florane naked, Lee Anne goes down to eat her shaved pussy, using her fingers and tongue to drive her to a breathless orgasm. Now the busty babe lavishes attention on Lee Anne’s beautiful breasts as she fingerbangs her, before lapping at her clit voraciously to make her cum. Florane doesn’t stop, frigging her lover until she’s trembling and moaning through another powerful climax.

Gorgeous Stacy Bloom is delighted when her beautiful lover Katy Rose returns to bed, as Andrej Lupin’s erotic movie "Under The Duvets" begins. Katy squeezes Stacy’s big breasts as they kiss passionately, then straddles her in a hot sixty-nine. Stacy spreads Katy’s pretty pink pussy open, sucking her clit like a limpet to drive her wild, while Katy strokes and licks Stacy’s smooth shaved slit skilfully. Katy moans her way through an intense orgasm, then moves behind Stacy so she can play with her fantastic boobs as she fingers her to a noisy climax, followed by a second, even more powerful one. Stacy lies back and Katy sits on her face, grinding until she cums, her body trembling uncontrollably. Overwhelmed, she tips forward into a sixty-nine again, strumming Stacy’s pussy as she rides her tongue, both of them enjoying a string of orgasms before they are done.

Together in the "Boudoir," gorgeous Katrina Moreno and Verona Sky primp and preen, resplendent in sexy black silk and lace lingerie. It soon becomes apparent they are more than just friends, as busty Katrina works the hairbrush through Verona’s silky locks, smoothing it with her gentle hands. Her sensual touch rouses Verona’s interest, and the hot honey turns to rest her face against her lover’s. Slow burning desire stirs between them, as their lips meet, hands stroking silky thighs, fondling breasts. In silence, Katrina licks Verona’s nipples, making them stiffen. Pressing together, breast against breast, nipple on nipple, the girls gaze longingly into each other’s eyes. Katrina takes control, Verona her obedient lover, kneeling before her and sliding her panties down. Katrina holds herself open, inviting Verona’s tongue to her core. Verona licks her clit, making her moan; then slides a finger into the statuesque beauty’s wet pussy, thrusting, fingers slick with her juice. Katrina climaxes with intensity, then leads Verona to the couch, kissing her and lapping at her nipples, rubbing her through her panties. She kneels to peel the underwear off, sucking, licking and kissing Verona’s shaved pussy, which is thrust into her face. She finger-bangs Verona with a thumb on her clit, spurring her on to a tempestuous orgasm, nuzzling her neck. Our busty goddess still wants more, trading places with beautiful Verona to stare into her eyes the two play with her pussy and strum her clit to make her cum once more.

Size: 2.14 GB
Time: 01:37:41
File: mp4
Width: 960x540
Performers: Antonia Saints, Emylia Argan, Florane Russell, Katrina Moreno, Katy Rose, Lee Anne, Marilyn Sugar, Stacy Bloom, Stacy Cruz, Verona Sky

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Curvaceous 3


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