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The Young Nurses 1973 English


The Young Nurses 1973 English

Sexy young nurses apply special therapy in their daily rounds, as they work against a drug ring operating out of the hospital.

Substantially an exploitation flick, this production appears to have been shot on two-tracks with some decent actors such as Alan Arbus shoe-horned into a cheap vehicle to parade comely, yet vapid and monotonic, young women in tight nurses' uniforms.

Apparently, no one told the real talent this when their scenes were filmed.

I caught this on cable with half an eyes in 1987 at my ex's while she was filling me in on family matters, little more than a background distraction to our conversation, until an uncredited Robert Urich walked on as a sleepy intern, half-hiding his face from the camera. I presume he cottoned to the semi-porn nature of the project and reduced his exposure and potential for ridicule.

Who knows? Maybe it led to his casting in the TV-series "Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice" later that year.

Except for that curiosity value, this film is a pass. Bus tours through Ohio are more exhilarating.

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