» » Kristi and the Time Machine 2011 (full version) English

Kristi and the Time Machine 2011 (full version) English


Kristi and the Time Machine 2011 (full version) English

The vainglorious Prof. Rohr-Sauger has discovered that the funding for his new Time Machine will be pulled unless he can show the sponsers a working demonstration, and so the Professor searches for an unwitting guinea pig...

Scientists have finally managed to create a time machine and, at the request of his superiors, although the machine is not yet fully completed and tested, they decide to send in an experimental journey Dr. Christie. Christie has to go on a trip in the nude, because the clothes are not moved in time and courageous lady doctor begins his journey through different epochs in which things are going not quite as planned - the time machine is damaged, which means that she can not go back in his era, besides, she met with thieves and perverts who rape her and do with it whatever came into our minds ... their perverted

Year: 2011
Country: Poland
Genre: Horror, Erotic, Rape, Torture, Fantasy, Sexploitation, Fetish, BDSM, Extreme sex,
Duration: 1:46:23
Directed by: Richard Stalin
Studio: Teraz Films

Size: 1.77 GB

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