Color Climax

Color Climax Corporation ApS (CCC) is a Danish pornography producer headquartered in Copenhagen. It had been one of the leading producers of European pornography up until the 1990s. Since then, CCC has recessed most of its assets, but because its earlier works attract admirers of classic pornography, CCC still functions today via the Internet. Color Climax Corporation (CCC) began in 1967[3] with the publication of the porn magazine ColorClimax, despite pornography being illegal in Denmark until 1969.

In 1969 Denmark legalized the production of all kinds of pornography. In the 1970s CCC began to produce 8 mm pornographic film loops. By the 1980s, video tape had replaced the film loops, sometimes as compilations of previously released material. CCC films usually had a wider range of contents including bestiality, some of which last starred Bodil Joensen, and other content not widely available at the time. Urolagnia was also displayed. By 2004, Color Climax had past film stars such as Rocco Siffredi and John Holmes in their archives on their website.



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