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Over 40, over sexed and overweight / Homegrown Video 492

Over 40, over sexed and overweight / Homegrown Video 492

The camera is always a great place for a beautiful lady to be behind, and luckily, most of these females are finding this fact out early. There are some who waited a while unfortunately, but Barbara and the other MILFs are true testaments to the fact that real beauty never fades.

Scene 1: Its her first time being in porn, and she's already feeling the rush of being a star. The stress of pleasing everyone is daunting, but this talented actress knows she was what it takes to hold her head high, and persevere through whatever comes her way, whether it be a raw dick, vibrator, or porn debut like the one in front of her now. Of course she passes with flying colors, and she can't wait to get behind the camera again!

Scene 2: For never starring in a porn before, this blonde princess sure does a good job posing for the camera and looking sexy. It turns out all those hours of social media and starring at perfect features really pays off, as this debut is one of the most profound in all of porn history, making Princess Cuminme one of the most successful eighteen year old sluts of all time, or at least she was told by the director.

Scene 3: Trinity has a friend who loves coming over and licking her pussy, so the two have been meeting up for lesbian sex every day for the past week, and they don't intend to stop. Recently, a friend of there's told them about a project called Homegrown Video 492, so after a few nights of thinking about it, the two finally agreed to have one of their sexual encounters filmed, and its actually their first time being in porn!

Scene 4: There's always has to be a first time, and for some it doesn't come until the later years, and that's all right for Barbara. She's been through so much, that finally being able to lay back and do something so frivolous and sexual as porn is really rewarding to the old broad. See her debut as she spreads her legs and tries to take every inch of that huge black dildo she picked up from the sex store back in the day.

Scene 5: Kelly has always wanted to dominate her man and have it filmed for all to see, so when her friends told her they were making a movie called Homegrown Video 492, she knew they had to be in it. They dressed up in their fanciest clothes and turned on all the lights in the living room so the footage would be really good, and her favorite part is when she sits on her husband's face and listens to the sounds he makes!

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Over 40, over sexed and overweight


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